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Security Engineering and Design:

Mr. Elmore has been involved with security engineering for well over 10 years. In this time he has had experience with designing and analyzing passive barrier perimeters, active barrier gates, and personnel blast and ballistic protective structures. Mr. Elmore has also been involved with assisting clients in determining appropriate standoff distances for a variety of structures susceptible to the effects of overpressures typically caused by explosions. Elmore Engineering Services, Inc. is ready to assist you with your security structural engineering design and analysis needs.

Examples of our experience include:
ISFSI Blast Evaluations
Vital Equipment Minimum Safe Standoff Distance Calculations
Ballistic Shield and Enclosure Design (Shooting Positions)
Blast Resistance Design/Design Modification of Structures
Security Structure Design Enhancements
Pressure In-Leakage Analysis
Passive Barrier/Perimeter Design

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