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Welcome to Elmore Engineering Services, Inc!

At Elmore Engineering Services we pride ourselves with providing superior customer service, quality engineering, and cost-effective solutions to your engineering challenges. We approach each problem with an open mind, the best interests of our client in mind, and the intent of developing a cost saving and innovative solution to the problem. Whether you are trying to redesign a system, product, or piece of equipment or looking for the root cause of a failure, or even evaluating engineered security features, we are here to assist in providing the most efficient and reasonable solution for you and your facility. EESI can function as either an extension of your internal staff or as your staff. We are happy to take a project by the reins and lead it or assist you as an integral part of an in-house project team.

General Overview

We provide assistance to many clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, power generation, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. We are capable of assisting with a wide range of projects. However, we really shine on those projects that require problem solving. Some examples include facility changes, design modifications, unique load evaluations for structures, pipes and the like, vibration mitigation, impact analysis, seismic analysis, and aseismic design modifications. Please visit our Services page to see a full list of our capabilities and sample projects.

EESI has gained a reputation with our clients as a company that can provide accurate and reasonable solutions to challenging engineering problems. In many cases we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars by simply sharpening our pencils and providing high quality analysis and solutions. We do understand that significant amounts of money can be saved in construction and modifications simply by performing a higher fidelity analysis/design.

Mission Statement

Elmore Engineering Services, Inc. provides high quality effective solutions to clients while maintaining our relationships, internal and external, as our most valuable assets.